Countdown to Tempe, AZ vote:



Welcome fans and friends to the Utah for 2019 bid. Your team, who held a successful Westercon 67 in 2014 are back. Five years is long enough to miss hosting a regional event for you, so we are bidding to bring Westercon 72 to Layton, Utah in 2019.


Utah Welcome

Westercon is the West Coast’s most prestigious science fiction and fantasy convention. It bounces around the Western Region of the United States, and approaches its 70th year in 2017. Started many years ago for fans who couldn’t afford to attend the World Science Fiction Convention, Westercon became an event where fans travel to different parts of the West, join with different communities, and experience science fiction and fantasy fandom together.


This convention traveled all over the West. It's been held from Canada to El Paso; Hawaii to this year in Tempe, Arizona. Westercon is a science fiction & fantasy convention that covers general interest in speculative fiction genres, art, science, costuming, gaming, music, television, movies, and other topics that interest fandom. Westercon is a registered service mark of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Inc. and is used with permission. Please visit for further details, bylaws, history, etc..

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The Utah for 2019 bid team was honored to be a part of Westercon in Utah for the first time in 2014. Westercon fans are supportive, energetic, responsive, compassionate and entertaining. It was clear to us that Westercon is an experience we want again for everyone



Westercon 71 LogoFive years is long enough! We... Can’t... Wait... So jump on board and help. Please support our bid to have Westercon 72 in Layton, Utah for 2019.

The bid committee will be reaching out to explain our ‘mad scientist’ machinations, promoting and publicizing the movement at other events until the vote. This is a full volunteer bid to serve a community we have grown to love. We’re asking for your support.

The vote is at Westercon 70 In Tempe, AZ, July 1st - 4th, 2017.


Mad Scientist? What do you mean by that?


The World Science Fiction Convention is an annual convention held since 1939 (skipping 1942-1945), which gathers fans (and pros) from around the world.  Worldcon is also where members vote for the Hugo awards. The 75th Worldcon will be held in Helsinki, Finland in 2017.


Whenever Worldcon is held in an overseas location, a NASFiC, North America Science Fiction Convention, is usually held as well. The NASFiC serves as a kind of substitute for fans who can't make it to Worldcon. The major difference is that the location of the NASFiC is determined by members of a Worldcon. 2017’s NASFiC is in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


What does that mean for Utah?


Should the August 2017 Worldcon vote an overseas event for 2019, it opens up the door for a 2019 NASFiC. The Utah for 2019 Bid Team will bid should that happens, and try to bring both NASFiC 2019 and Westercon 72 together for a huge celebration.

So ‘check under the hood’, explore the possibilities and help us make Utah for 2019 an event for everyone.



Westercon is a registered service mark of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Inc. and is used with permission. Utah for 2019 is supported by Utah Fandom Organization, a nonprofit. “Worldcon” and “NASFiC” are service marks of the World Science Fiction Society, an unincorporated literary society.