Dear Fans, 

There‚Äôs an important part, maybe the most important part, of a fan convention that may get overlooked in building the con. We at the Utah for 2019 bid team feel that the part that deserves more focus and appreciation is you...our supporters. Utah Fandom Organization (UFO) believes in an idea called progressive fandom, where more fans should influence the events they attend.

We want to hear your voice, ideas, topics, subjects and opinions on what happens during this building process for Westercon 72 and the bid for NASFiC in 2019. This is your chance to direct us to making your ideal convention. Please take a moment to fill out the form below and be a deciding factor in what happens in Layton, Utah.

Programming Ideas: We welcome panel topics! We want all the details that you can give on new ideas. We will do our best to have a well-balanced and diverse program moving forward.

Subjects of Fandom: Our goal is to have a blanket of subjects that are of interest to fans. Some of these include Costuming, Science Fiction, Writing, Art, Poetry, Fantasy, Science, Literacy, Theater, Fanfiction, Horror, Steampunk, Anime, Film, Fanzines, etc.. We at Utah for 2019 know that no concom can guess what 100% of what interests everyone. Please suggest more subjects that interest you so that we can include and research to make this event truly Amazing!

Events: There are many traditions that create exciting events during a convention. These include concerts, workshops, socials and off-site excursions. Please tell us if an area event interests you, or you have suggestions for an event.

Guests of Honor: Fantastic potential Guests of Honor are often overlooked due to a lack of suggestions. We have outlined some basic guest positions below. Your voice matters. You can help us pay attention to the celebrities of the growing fan community. For Westercon, all guests of honor are recommended, but not required to be, from the Western region of the United States.


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Posthumous Guests: Too late, many pioneers, supporters and contributors to the fandom of Science Fiction and Fantasy pass away before we can honor them. Suggestions for Posthumous Guests (Ghosts of Honor?) can help us find ways to remember their achievements in 2019. This can include exhibits, memorial services, displays, and even donating in their honor to charities and promoting literacy for a future generation. Please send us any suggestions in this category of those who deserve this honor.


Author/Literary GOH: You can suggest authors, editors, agents and others who are:

  • Published (or worked) in the Science Fiction/Fantasy field for a minimum of 5 years.
  • Received a nomination or award in Science Fiction/Fantasy OR recognition on the New York Times Bestsellers list.
  • Represent more than one genre or fan subject (or combination)

Note: We will also consider a published author if they have yet to win an award or are newcomers but are nationally published and represent an area of fandom, minority, or theme/topic interest, or tie into charity work focus.


Artist GOH: We welcome suggestions on artists as our Artist Guest of Honor who are:

  • Recognized in science fiction/fantasy art topics or speculative fiction themes or tie-ins.
  • Published in book covers, posters, statues, game cards, modeling, etc. or exhibited in a venue of more than 200 attendees.
  • Nominated or won an award in their field OR participated in more than two convention art shows the chair can confirm.
  • Works/interests that cover two different art mediums or focus topics.


Science GOH: We wish to emphasize the Science aspect of a science fiction/fantasy convention. We seek suggestions with the following considerations:

  • Recognized and published in the scientific community OR have a degree in their field and interest applied to a speculative fiction/fan topic.
  • A secondary interest/application to genre, diversity, or mechanics of standard SF/F conventions (for example neuroscience and zombies, or NASA and costuming/props etc.)
  • Willing to apply their field of knowledge to any and all crazy topics fandom may throw at them.


Fan GOH: Fan honorees are very important as a way to respect fandom. They can be a vital part of integrating attendees in our convention. An ideal Fan GOH should be:

  • Recognized as a long-standing contributor to the SF/F world community, likely with more than 10 years of service/participation.
  • Not previously honored as a Fan Guest of Honor at a prior Westercon or NASFiC. In particular, we would like to honor often overlooked cornerstones of fandom.
  • Willing or interested in participating in the fan lounge, fanzine, or social meeting outliers during the convention.


Music/Filk GOH: A suggestion for either filk or music guests should be:

  • Known in the filk community and have at least two years of performance reference.
  • A good entertainer, upbeat, engaging, and have a repertoire that includes at least two areas of fandom, music genre, performance skill or interest.
  • Include individuals who wish to enhance the conference experience.

Note: A Music or Filk GOH will not be required to perform in an extra-cost event.


Special Guests: Depending on convention support and attendance, as a committee we can invite special guests to enhance the fan experience. While we will have only one GOH in a field, you can suggest special guests who may have the following achievements or credentials:

  • A science field
  • Costuming
  • Steampunk
  • Horror
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Teaching
  • Diversity topics and inclusion
  • Photography or other underrepresented art field
  • Theater and props
  • Convention running
  • Specific fandoms
  • Writing
  • Media
  • Gaming
  • Marketing in a covered genre

Note: We will consider other performers such as music or dancing, but not at a guest level. You can suggest we should invite to perform in the comment box.


Note: Please use discretion in nominating professionals versus friends.


Master/Mistress of Ceremonies: Not to be confused with the Toastmaster, the Master/Mistress of Ceremonies (also known as an MC or emcee) is the official host for staged events, performances, and social convention events. They introduce speakers, make announcements during events and engage us all to keep the event and the fun going from beginning to end.

The only requirements for suggesting an MC would be:

  • They be engaging in person or on stage
  • In good standing in fandom (or with convention topics)
  • Having professional or personal interests or skills in at least two areas they are willing to share.


Toastmaster: Suggestions for toastmaster should be an individual known to the science fiction and fantasy community who is a good speaker. These people will not only toast the opening and closing of the convention, but possibly various meetings or events during the con in support of the MC. This individual should be of age to enter all areas of the convention and may interview either the MC or a Guest of Honor.


Fandom can be as diverse and inclusive as we, as fans, make it. While we as the convention committee may not be able to have a guest for every category, we welcome suggestions to bring in guests as we hit each level and support.

Thank you for taking the time to make our convention even better with your input.

Your Utah for 2019 Team


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