The Utah for 2019 Bid Team wishes to show our gratitude to those who are pre-supporting or pre-opposing our bid as we campaign to bring NASFiC 2019 to Utah and combine it with Westercon 72.

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 Westercon 72 Pre-supports     NASFiC Pre-supports   Location Supporters
 Ship Mauls:  Ship Mauls: Conventions
 Elizabeth Vann-Clark Heidi Carruth  Westercon 70 
 Ben Hatcher Lee S. Billings  Westercon 71 
 Kate Hatcher Ginny Smith
 Dave Doering David Gallaher
 Mike Willmoth Laurie Toby Edison  NASFiC
 Jean Goddin Logan Kearsley   Worldcon 75 - Helsinki, Finland
Nikki Ebright Erin Kearsley  NASFiC NorthAmericon '17 
Billy Van Ark   SpoCon 2017 
Ireland   Baycon 2017
Tom Deadstuff   Dave Gallaherr via Sherlocked 2017 
Karen Evans  Mad Monster Phoenix 2017
Judith Bemis Dee Astell via Phoenix Comic Con 2017
Tony Parker Fyrecon 2017 
John Hertz
 C3 or ConComCon 2017
Lynn Gold Kaitlund Zupanic via San Diego Comic Con 
Linda Deneroff  Slug Devil Spike Mauls:  
Keith McClune  Bill Thomasson  
Sheila McClune   Businesses 
Rick Kovalcik     Hive Winery   
Charles Fisher  
Teny Fisher  
Jim Manning    
Sandy Manning    
Beth Marble    
Chris Marble    
Seth Breidbart    
Felicia Herman    
Ben Yalow    
AmyCat - Book Universe    
Jacqueline T. Elderkin    
Nora Rankin    
Pharaoh Kaires    
Kuma Bear    
Slug Devil Spike Mauls:    
Charles Galway    
Dee Astell    
Hal Astell    
Rick Moen    
Deirdre Saoirse Moen    
Patty Wells    
Michael Oberg    
Pamela Oberg    
Thor Hammers:    
 Linda Robinett    
Diana Koivunen    
Scythe Forging Hammers:    
Kevin Roche    
Lisa Hayes    
Kevin Standlee    
Joe Monson    



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