Rounding Tie Punch

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$75 - Rounding Tie Punch - Thank you very much for making your position known.

This level grants you:

  • A posting of your oppositional stance on our website and in the program book.

  • A pin/badge with the tool of choice shown, to declare nonsupport.

  • A t-shirt mailed or at the convention if we win to replace the one you ripped in demonstration of non-support.

  • $5.00 coupon off event pricing or swag items sold by the committee at the conference. (discreetly of course)

  • We will direct you to the back room where you can receive a discount towards the convention should we win. Pinky Swear nobody will know - unless you tell them.

(The Rounding Tie Punch is designed to punch holes in rails to alternately stagger bolts tying down the track. Be careful you are not mistaken for a member of a chain gang!)

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