Grabthar's Hammer


Shirt Size


$200 - Grabthar's Hammer - Thank you for bringing an honored battle cry of support.

This level grants you:

  • A mention on our website

  • Listing in the program book

  • A pin/badge with your hammer showing you supported Utah for 2019

  • A t-shirt mailed or at the convention if we win

  • $20.00 coupon towards events or swag items sold by the committee at the con

  • A commemorative golden railroad spike supporting Utah for 2019.

  • This level can transfer to an attending membership if we succeed in our campaign to host Westercon 72. How can we win if you don’t vote for us at Westercon 70?

(When you bring a hammer, you bring a galaxy of power with you. This mythical hammer is the battlecry of geeks everywhere, and a commemorative pledge from the movie Galaxy Quest (1999))

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