Poppy’s Hammer

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$200 - Poppy’s Hammer - Your anti sentiment knows no bounds. We can respect that.

This level of strength gets you:

  • Declaration far and wide (website and in the program book) of your opposition.

  • A pin/badge with the tool of choice shown, to declare nonsupport.

  • $20.00 coupon off event pricing or swag items sold by the committee at the conference. (so you can burn it in effigy)

  • A t-shirt mailed or at the convention if we win to wipe the blood of enemies off your hands.

  • A commemorative hammer to smite down resistance to your against Utah for 2019 movement.

  • An attending membership if we win so you may protest out front, while throwing the bodies in the Great Salt Lake. Utah for 2019 is not responsible for any happenings in our fictional back room and our nonprofit does not cover tarping or anchors for disposal.

(Poppy’s Hammer, also known as the Hammer of Orlon from the video game League of Legends. She may have passed this impractical hammer to you with its elongated handle and huge smashing ability, but you are not the hero of legend. Come to the convention if we win, we will help you cope with the fact it’s a video game hammer.)

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