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The Utah for 2019 team understands that pre-support comes in all forms from electronic, volunteering, post mail, liking or sharing our pages, and remembering to look up our event should we win the bid.


Here are a couple of alternate ways to help us campaign.


Contact us to volunteer, join our email list or offer to help represent us at a convention near you.


Like our Facebook page or share a post there:   Utah for 2019


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for directly sending donations using paypal.


Print the pre-support form and mail in a donation:   Pre-Support Form

 Check/Money Order made payable to:

Utah Fandom Organization

P.O. Box 51164

Provo, Utah, USA 84605

Pre-supporters & Pre-opposers


The Utah for 2019 Bid Team wishes to show our gratitude to those who are pre-supporting or pre-opposing our bid as we campaign to bring NASFiC 2019 to Utah and combine it with Westercon 72.

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 Westercon 72 Pre-supports     NASFiC Pre-supports   Location Supporters
 Ship Mauls:  Ship Mauls: Conventions
 Elizabeth Vann-Clark Heidi Carruth  Westercon 70 
 Ben Hatcher Lee S. Billings  Westercon 71 
 Kate Hatcher Ginny Smith
 Dave Doering David Gallaher
 Mike Willmoth Laurie Toby Edison  NASFiC
 Jean Goddin Logan Kearsley   Worldcon 75 - Helsinki, Finland
Nikki Ebright Erin Kearsley  NASFiC NorthAmericon '17 
Billy Van Ark Daniel Yocom SpoCon 2017 
Ireland Derek Gray  Baycon 2017
Tom Deadstuff  Elizabeth Gray Dave Gallaherr via Sherlocked 2017 
Karen Evans Sarah Mason
 Mad Monster Phoenix 2017
Judith Bemis Stephanie Mason Dee Astell via Phoenix Comic Con 2017
Tony Parker Ashley Mason Fyrecon 2017 
John Hertz
Gene Burt  C3 or ConComCon 2017
Lynn Gold Elektra Hammond Kaitlund Zupanic via San Diego Comic Con 
Linda Deneroff Sara Felix ArmadilloCon 2017
Keith McClune Sherri Benoun  MalConDenver 
Sheila McClune Dave Cantor  SpoCon 2017 
Rick Kovalcik Tammy Coxen  BuboniCon
Charles Fisher  Eric Hogg
Teny Fisher  Anthony Lewis
Jim Manning

 Suford Lewis

Dragon Con 
Sandy Manning Barbara Vantilburg  Salt Lake Comic Con 
Beth Marble  Sally Woehrle Fencon (Dallas) 2017 
Chris Marble  Vincent Docherty Snake River Comic Com 
Seth Breidbart Slug Devil Spike Mauls:  League of Utah Fall Conference 
Felicia Herman  Bill Thomasson Contraflow VII
Ben Yalow Devon Dorrity 
Science Fiction & Fantasy Day w/ Utah Humanities Book Fair
Bjarni Gary S. Blog   Gaslight Steampunk Expo
AmyCat - Book Universe Anonymous Presupporter 2 Con-Stellation
Jacqueline T. Elderkin   Apocalypse Later Intl. Film Festival 
Nora Rankin Doc Con
Pharaoh Kaires Thor Hammers: Anthro Weekend Utah
Kuma Bear Craig Glassner  Steamposium 2017 
Slug Devil Spike Mauls: Marsha Glassner MileHi Con
Charles Galway  Kim Williams VCon
Dee Astell  
Hal Astell Tempe Book Festival
Rick Moen Tuscon
Deirdre Saoirse Moen Scythe Forging Hammers:   Amazing Stories
Patty Wells  Cindy Scott  
Michael Oberg Bobbi Armbruster   
Pamela Oberg    
Thor Hammers:    
 Linda Robinett    
Diana Koivunen    
Scythe Forging Hammers:    Businesses:
Kevin Roche  Grabthar's Hammers: Hive Winery
Lisa Hayes Anonymous Presupporter 1 2Foriginal 1
Kevin Standlee Steve Davidson 
Joe Monson    



Contact Us

The Utah for 2019 Bid team welcomes questions and comments

 We Do Geek


To reach our goals, we need your help. We hope to present Utah for 2019 at a convention near you. Ideas, comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome. Please consider joining us by supporting, volunteering, and getting others to join our bid. We need everyone across fandom, as this bid comes from the bid team and volunteer efforts. 


During the bid we will post pages that allow you, the fans, to give input on convention processes. You can keep track of our progress on social media and email contact.

Email for your bid team is:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Social Media Contacts include:



Ben Hatcher (avatar of Naruto) - Bid Chair


Dave Doering (Avatar cartoon of Dave Doering) - Bid Treasurer/Advisor


Kate Hatcher (Avatar of Princess Leia riding a gun) - acting Bid Secretary


Twitter:  @Utahfor2019

Google +:  Utahfor2019

Location Stats

Layton City is a city located in Davis County, Utah, United States.

Coordinates: 41°4′41″N 111°57′19″W


Layton City Logo

Layton is located in the northern portion of the Wasatch Front, approximately 25 miles (40 km) north of Salt Lake City and 15 miles (24 km) south of Ogden. It is bordered by Clearfield to the northwest, Hill Air Force Base to the north, South Weber to the northeast, the Wasatch Mountains to the east, Kaysville to the south, Great Salt Lake wetlands to the southwest and Syracuse to the west.


Average Temperatures

Population in 2015 - 74,123

High School or Higher Education - 94.4% (2015)

In 2014, Layton contributed $1.34 billion worth of retail sales activity, the second largest market north of Salt Lake City and seventh largest in Utah. 

The climate in this area is characterized by hot summers and cold winters.


Average Humidity

I-15 runs north–south through the center of town and serves Layton with three interchanges - (from north to south) Antelope Drive, Hillfield Road, and Layton Parkway. 

U.S. 89 runs north–south along the eastern edge of Layton adjacent to the western slope of the Wasatch Mountains and provides access to Weber Canyon via I-84 to the north in South Weber, then merges with I-15 and Legacy Parkway to the south in Farmington, near Lagoon Amusement Park.


Cloudy Days ChartUtah State Route 193 runs east–west through northern Layton, past the south gate of Hill Air Force Base, connecting U.S. 89 to I-15 in Clearfield.


Utah Transit Authority (UTA) provides bus service and FrontRunner commuter rail. FrontRunner's Layton Station is located at the site of the former Union Pacific Layton Depot, which currently houses a restaurant

Average Precipitation


Layton currently holds 15 major parks and trails

The ideal lodging or campsite is waiting for you in Davis County. Davis County’s RV Parks and campsites are located near popular destinations – the Great Salt Lake, Jordan River and two of Davis County’s most popular amusement parks (Lagoon and Cherry Hill).


Sunshine ChartDavis County is bordered on the west by the world-famous Great Salt Lake and on the east by the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. These landmark features offer many outdoor activities to visitors and families. The Great Salt Lake is home to millions of migratory birds, Antelope Island State Park and beach/water activities. The majestic mountains offer miles of trails with spectacular views of the sunsets melting into the Great Salt Lake.



Wind Speed Chart

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