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A Note from our team:

Summer Events 

Our bid was born out of a need to see an official bid for Westercon 72. Tempe wanted to bid to continue the Westercon tradition and we are extremely grateful to them for giving us the inspiration. When we realized that we could place a bid, building off the momentum of Westercon 67, we jumped on it. To have the chance to bring this type of science fiction convention back to Utah and expose future generations to the opportunity of being a part of an amazing community, it is something we simply could not pass up.


Now we are a seated Westercon 72, and we want more! The dates of Westercon 72, and NASFiC should we win the bid, are July 4th - 7th, 2019 in Layton, Utah. We are continuing the bid by going for NASFiC in 2019 and combining both events. This willl help both communities come together and allow locals to join in the fun. q-bert


Pre-supporting now even at the $25 dollar (USD) level allows you to have two years to come up with the other $30.00 for a membership. If you pre-support and vote at the Worldcon in San Jose 2018, should we win the combination, automatically makes you a member of Westercon 72 & Nasfic 2019. 


Door prices can range from 90-110 by July in 2019 and will increase in small steps starting after 9/30/17. Become a part of the excitement now and help us reach our goal of a party in Utah 2019 that everyone will remember. 


We can’t do this without your support. This gives us only twelve months to campaign, draw support, and ask for your votes - we will do our best to gain your confidence.


Utah for 2019 has a hold on facilities and hotel accommodations. We have worked with the Tourism & Events Bureau to bring every opportunity to the table. This website has been designed to show you our plan to hold Westercon 72 and NASFiC. Our support levels are now live. Any support level given will lead to a discount on membership pricing should we be voted at Worldcon 76 August 16th - 20th, 2018.


Thank you for your consideration,

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The Utah for 2019 Bid Team



Robot Book Fan

Side Note: The question of bidding for a NASFiC (North American Science Fiction Convention) came down to the fact if a Worldcon is voted overseas, then there would be two possible conventions, Westercon and the NASFiC, with similar goals, competing for space and members in the same year while dodging the dates of the overseas Worldcon.


The options are sexy for Worldcon 2019. This is an opportunity to solidify membership, expand awareness of all three conventions, and teach what has made these honored conventions great for so many years.


Utah for 2019 does not push for any particular bid, Worldcon will vote what is best for their convention. We only wish to be up front, and declare if a NASFiC becomes an option due to an overseas bid, we will bid for that as well, and run/combine both for a unique experience.

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